Confirmed Featured Speakers

ICRAV Lecture

Prof. Dennis Y.M. Lo

Li Ka Shing Professor of Medicine
Professor of Chemical Pathology
Director of the Li Ka Shing Institute of Health Sciences
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The father of non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT)

JS1 Sustainability in Racing

Mr Andrew Harding

Executive Director, Racing
The Hong Kong Jockey Club

IFHA Executive Director;
Asian Racing Federation Secretary-General

JS1 Sustainability in Racing

Mr Marc Van Gestel

Chief Stipendiary Steward
The Hong Kong Jockey Club

More than 3 decades of stewarding experience in Australia and Hong Kong

JS1 Sustainability in Racing

Dr Grace Forbes

General Manager Veterinary Services
Racing Victoria

Key role in implementing welfare-related changes for international runners in Melbourne Cup

JS1 Sustainability in Racing

Dr Terence S.M. Wan

Chief Advisor, Doping Control
The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Chair of IFHA Advisory Council;
Chair of WADA Laboratory Expert Advisory Group

JS1 Sustainability in Racing

Prof. Richard McLaren, O.C.

CEO, McLaren Global Sport Solutions Inc.
President, Innovative Dispute Resolution Ltd.
Counsel, McKenzie Lake Lawyers, LL.P
Faculty of Law, Western University

The McLaren Report – Investigation into Russian state manipulation of the doping control processes

JS1 Sustainability in Racing

Dr Christopher Riggs

Director, HKJC Equine Welfare Research Foundation
Chief Advisor, Mainland Veterinary Engagement
The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Renowned specialist in equine surgery and orthopedics;
Secretary of the World Equine Veterinary Association

JS2 Gene Doping / Gene Therapy / OMICS

Prof. Lee Sweeney

Professor, Director of Myology Institute,
Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics
University of Florida

Well known for his gene-therapy approaches blocking loss of muscle size & strength (“Schwarzenegger mice”)

JS4 Pharmacokinetics / Pharmacodynamics

(virtual presentation)

Prof. Pierre-Louis Toutain

Distinguished Visiting Professor in
Veterinary Pharmacology,
Royal Veterinary College, University of London
Honorary Professor of Physiology and Therapeutics,
National Veterinary School of Toulouse

Renowned specialist in veterinary pharmacology; determining
screening limits with the “Toutain PK/PD model”

JS4 Pharmacokinetics / Pharmacodynamics

Prof. Heather Knych

Professor of Clinical Veterinary Pharmacology
K.L. Maddy Equine Analytical Pharmacology Laboratory,
School of Veterinary Medicine,
University of California, Davis

Renowned veterinarian and
equine pharmacologist

JS5 Legal Minefield

The Hon. Justice Jack Forrest

Chair, The Victorian Racing Integrity Board

Acting Justice of the Court of Appeal of the Supreme Court of Victoria