We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your invaluable contributions to the success of this conference.  Your enthusiasm and active involvement have greatly contributed to the vibrant atmosphere throughout the event.  Although the conference has now concluded, we encourage you to remain engaged by taking advantage of the following opportunities presented by the Conference app – Whova which will remain accessible until 23 December 2023:

  1. More than 2800 new official conference photos have been uploaded to Whova
  2. Make use of the “Live Q&A” feature to continue posting new questions for speakers under the relevant scientific sessions
  3. “My Contacts” and “My Notes” can be exported to your registered email

Moreover, please remain your support by submitting manuscripts for the presentations made during the conference before the deadline on 31 January 2024, in order to consummate the conference proceedings. If you wish for your manuscript to be considered for publication in the special issue of Drug Testing and Analysis (DTA), please submit your manuscript for the Proceedings by 31 December 2023. Once again, we extend our heartfelt appreciation for your participation and support.
The following ICRAV snap video captures the good moments during our 23rd ICRAV:




Welcome Message

Welcome to the official website of the 23rd ICRAV, the biennial International Conference of Racing Analysts and Veterinarians (ICRAV); to be held in September 2023 in Hong Kong.

It is the pleasure of the Organising Committee to invite you to attend and participate in 23rd ICRAV; a conference with over 100 scientific presentations and forum discussions addressing the technical challenges of our industry. The conference will be held in Hong Kong, China, an international city that has vast cultural diversity and cosmopolitan lifestyle for both you and your family to enjoy!

We look forward to welcoming you to Hong Kong for an unforgettable experience!

Organising Committee of the 23rd ICRAV

Welcome Message from CEO of HKJC

On behalf of The Hong Kong Jockey Club, a warm welcome to Hong Kong and the 23rd International Conference of Racing Analysts and Veterinarians (23rd ICRAV).

This conference, with its theme Sustaining the Integrity of Racing, could not be more timely or more important for the future of our sport.

In a globalised environment, where horses increasingly cross borders and jurisdictions, and where efforts to subvert the integrity of racing grow ever more sophisticated, the need for common regulatory standards and for the highest standards of testing and equine care is paramount.

Bringing together the world’s leading racing analysts, veterinarians and administrators, and featuring the latest technologies, methodologies and trends, the 23rd ICRAV is therefore sure to make a vital contribution. It is also an essential conference for any professional in the field.

The Club, with its world-class racing laboratory and veterinary expertise, also looks forward to sharing its own experience.

So join us in Hong Kong for what I am sure will be a truly memorable 23rd ICRAV conference.

Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges

Chief Executive Officer

The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Welcome Message from Chair of the 23rd ICRAV

Dear members and guests,

On behalf of the Organising Committee, it is my greatest pleasure to invite you to Hong Kong to attend the 23rd International Conference of Racing Analysts & Veterinarians (ICRAV). This is a momentous occasion for Hong Kong, being host to an ICRAV for the second time since 1985. During these years, ICRAV has already toured 15 countries across six continents around the globe before coming back to Hong Kong again!

The theme of the 23rd ICRAV, Sustaining the Integrity of Racing, will address the challenges faced by both regulatory Veterinarians and Analysts due to the changing landscape of doping brought about by new doping trends such as gene doping or therapy. As such, we hope that you will enjoy the Joint Sessions centered on this theme as well as Joint Sessions on pharmacology, sustainability of racing in general and continuous professional development for both regulatory Veterinarians and Analysts. In addition, we are extremely pleased to present to you for the first time, the Legal Minefield which aims to address issues of defending cases through a specially designed mock court.

The 23rd ICRAV Organising Committee is also pleased to host two pre-ICRAV two-day workshops with the themes of: 1. Data Mining of Omics Evidence, Method Validation and Uncertainty of Measurements; and 2. Suitability to Race Veterinary Examinations: Gait and Lameness Assessment, and Legal Liability.

For accompanying persons, there is just so much that Hong Kong has to offer being a doorway to a host of traditional Chinese cultural activities. We hope that there will be something for everyone in the array of activities planned for accompanying persons.

We are looking forward to making 23rd ICRAV in Hong Kong an unforgettable experience for both our delegates and their accompanying persons alike!

Yours sincerely,

Emmie Ho

Chair, the 23rd ICRAV Organising Committee